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I can help. Hello, my name is Allen Jesson and since 1998, I have specialized in writing heartfelt and inspirational gift poetry for every occasion and circumstance. Ideally suited for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other events, you may've many reasons for A Gift of Poetry...

Maybe you'd like to say "thank you", "I love you", "I'm sorry" or "I miss you"?

Or do you have another important message that you'd like to send? There is nothing that can't be said (and a lot that should be said). Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. The question marks will help. Everything else should be clear, if not, please let me know. Thanks, Allen.


A Gift of Poetry

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10th January 2015 - 60th Wedding Anniversary, From Husband to Wife

I received the final package. It is absolutely great! She loved it. A tear came to her eye.. She has read it several times. We are going to get it framed. We like the one with the single rose the best although both are very pretty Thanks again. You do great work. The packaging was also very nice.. I will recommend you very highly Tom.

9th December 2014 - 16th Birthday Poem For Granddaughter

OMG! I found you again! You wrote the MOST MOVING BEAUTIFUL POEM for our daughter on her wedding was titled "Your carriage awaits" and talked about her loving the story of Cinderella and having green hair as a girl due to swimming in the pool and my finding tiny panties and socks in the shrubs because she loved to get nude as a tiny girl. I will never forget you and that poem nor will she. We have a granddaughter turning 16. (another daughter is her mom). Do I have time to get a poem in time for that? It's going to be on Jan 3. Thanks in advance and I am so happy to see you are happy and doing well and following your passion! I am too! Hubs and I just retired and we are busy with all the things we love, especially family. All the best to you Allen and hoping to hear back! Your old friend, Kim Payne, Folsom, Ca USA

28th May 2014 - 10th Anniversary Gift, From Wife to Husband

"This is beyond perfect...I am in love with every verse so please choose and surprise me!!!! Thanks again you are a life saver!!!! Kathy"

14th September 2013 - First Anniversary Gift, From Husband To Wife

"I love it! You nailed it on the first draft! Very pleased. Shawn"

22nd May 2013 - 1st Anniversary Gift, From Husband To Wife

"Hi Allen,

The poem is perfect, I can't think of anything else that's needed, great work!

Regards, Carlo."

21st January 2013 - 25th Anniversary Gift, From Wife To Husband

"Hi Allen

Well done, it is fantastic, exactly what I wanted. You are a genius and truly gifted.

Thank you Vanessa"

15th December 2012 - First Anniversary Gift, From Husband To Wife

"Hello Allen, I have to say this will be one of the most beautiful piece of work i will ever present to my wife. Your work is amazing..."

One Of Us - Accept your destiny!

"Perfect! I really do want to thank you Allen. I know my wife will love the poem you have written. Giving jewelry, flowers and the common anniversary gifts are great but I believe she will truly be touched by the gift you have provided. Yes, you may publish it. Again, Thanks!

Miracle On Earth - Against All Odds
Hi Allen, Thank you so much for your first draft. Sorry that I came back to you just today but I was in Zimbabwe until yesterday. When I read your poem tears were running down. I was really touched and I like it very much. You absolutely found the right words to express my thoughts and feelings. You don’t need to do any changes. I love it as it is. Once again thank you. If you would like to publish it I don’t have any problems. Please do. Best regards, Kerstin

I Realize - 1st anniversary in a combat zone
Allen, Sorry I have been out of pocket. We lost two guys in a helicopter crash Saturday morning. The poem sounds great. I would like to see if we can work the second verse just a bit. Here is an idea let me know what you think.

And so in Iraq, we wound up at the same place,
and though I lived in a tent with a dirt floor,
it was there we began our long series of Cribbage,
and I think that I am winning, like 500 games to 4.

Thanks, James

The Steely Dan Plan - Dance plans for the new father
It is unbelievable. I love it!! And I thank you for making it happen... It is the best gift I think I will ever give him...

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