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Where specified in the various packages, you will ALSO receive your poem professionally presented, ready for framing. These are our current selection of paper samples. If there is a particular style that you like and it is not shown here - please send me an email and we'll get it in for you. When requesting the paper for your poem, please use the names
as detailed below (to avoid confusion).
  Evening Sky   Tree  
  Sunset   Wildflowers  
  Beach At Sunset   Wedding Cake  
  Wine and cheese   Single Rose  
  Gold Party   Antique Horns  
  Silk   Tulips  
  Radiant Butterflies   Daisies  
  Butterfly   Waterfall  
  Cute Girl   Baby Feet  
  Celestial   Clouds  
  Holiday Lights   Roses and Butterflies  
  Not here? We also have a stock of plain and parchment papers, please let us know your preference and if we haven't got it, we'll get it in for you. Thanks, Allen  
Your unique thoughts and feelings meaningfully wrapped within
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