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How to Include Poetry in Your Wedding

Every couple wants to find ways to make their wedding more memorable. One great way to make your big day extra special is by including poetry that is meaningful to you as a couple. This can be poetry written by or for the bride and groom or it can be a previously published poem that has touched you in some way. Below are some ideas for ways to include poetry in your special day.


Your stationary includes invitations, wedding programs, thank you cards and more. All of those are wonderful places to include poetry. Your space will be somewhat limited on thank you cards and invitations, but you can include a longer poem in the program. If you do not have room on the program, simply print the poetry out separately on a quality piece of paper and place it as an insert into the program.


Poetry can be a unique idea for a wedding favor. Buy a small photo frame for each place setting. Place the poem inside the frame. After the wedding, some guests may choose to display the poem as it was given to them. Others will remove the poem and use the frame. Either way, this is a thoughtful favor that will serve as a reminder to your guests of your wedding day.


For the sheer romance factor, the ceremony is one of the best places to include some poetry in your wedding. When the bride or groom or both read a work of poetry to their new life partner, it is hard for guests not to get a bit emotional. Again, the poem can be original or not. What matters is how much the poem means to the two of you.

Just be sure to practice reading the poem and have a copy handy so that you wont have to recite the poem from memory. Even if you think that you have it memorized bring a copy! Many brides and grooms have been left standing speechless when they forgot the words.

You can also ask an attendant, your parents, or the officiant to read a poem that has meaning to both of you. Its a lovely way to include someone in your wedding that you might not have been able to otherwise as well.


Ceremony poetry is often chosen by the bride and groom, but if the maid of honor, best man, or father of the bride can use poetry during the reception in their toast to the new married couple. The poetry used in a toast can be both sweet and funny, and should reflect past memories of the bride or groom, or both.

You might also think about using different poems with each table number assigned at the reception.


If you are attending a wedding, you can give poetry as a gift in lieu of or in addition to a card. You could have a special poem framed, give a book of romantic poetry, or just include a poem along with a typical wedding gift.

Online Photo Album

Online photo albums allow all of your friends and family members to view your wedding photographs. Many couples add music to their site and poetry is a nice addition as well. As the photos scroll through, you can place poetry in between.

Personal Wedding Scrapbook

Finally, consider adding some poetry to your personal wedding scrapbook. This could be poetry that was read at your wedding or it could be something that you wrote after the wedding.

Poetry is a romantic addition to any wedding. Whether you choose to read some poetry during your ceremony or include it in written form in your programs or favors, it is sure to add to the uniqueness of your big day.

Your unique thoughts and feelings meaningfully wrapped within
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Guest post from The Wedding Planning Guides , which offers practical (but fun) advice to brides and grooms throughout the ups and downs of wedding planning.
1. One Of Us - Accept your destiny!

"Perfect! I really do want to thank you Allen. I know my wife will love the poem you have written. Giving jewelry, flowers and the common anniversary gifts are great but I believe she will truly be touched by the gift you have provided. Yes, you may publish it. Again, Thanks!
2. Work Of Art - At times God excels
Hi Allen

As far as funerals can go Peter would have loved his and I could only but feel him there with us. Listening to the Abba and Grease music we had instead of hymns followed by the Poem. Hearing his cheeky laugh as each verse ended. My parents were overwhelmed with it, everyone loved it and a lot of people requested copies of it. I know I have thanked you many times but we wanted to give Peter a really good send off to reflect the person he was and you helped us do that.
I will scan the picture and send it to you asap.

Best regards, Beverley
3. Miracle On Earth - Against All Odds
Hi Allen,

Thank you so much for your first draft. Sorry that I came back to you just today but I was in Zimbabwe until yesterday. When I read your poem tears were running down. I was really touched and I like it very much. You absolutely found the right words to express my thoughts and feelings. You don’t need to do any changes. I love it as it is. Once again thank you.
If you would like to publish it I don’t have any problems. Please do.

Best regards, Kerstin
4. I Realize - First anniversary in a combat

Sorry I have been out of pocket. We lost two guys in a helicopter crash Saturday morning.
The poem sounds great. I would like to see if we can work the second verse just a bit. Here is an idea let me know what you think.

And so in Iraq, we wound up at the same place,
and though I lived in a tent with a dirt floor,
it was there we began our long series of Cribbage,
and I think that I am winning, like 500 games to 4.

Thanks, James
5. The Steely Dan Plan - Dance plans for the new father
It is unbelievable. I love it!! And I thank you for making it happen... It is the best gift I think I will ever give him...
6. Our Joyful Forge - Poetic heat
"...words can't express how I feel at the moment - the poem says everything that I want to tell Justin for our first anniversary..."
7. The Vision - Parents with vision, daughter with apology
"This is truly a wonderful work of art. You have put on paper what I have felt for most of my 43 years."
8. A Soldier's Fortune - The Reality Of Baghdad
"I am not and never have been angry at him for being in the military."
9. Lost And Found - Sometimes love can take some finding...
"You are truly talented, thank you so much for this wonderful gift."
10. 100+ Letters, 118 Days - Happy Birthday Soldier
"He called me from the UN building in Baghdad..."
11. Gold Beyond Measure - We have your love
"..the poem was one of the main highlights of the event. My Parents loved it!!"
12. Three Bites Is The Rule - Dinnertime manners for a lifetime
"The 50th wedding anniversary was wonderful! I think my parents really enjoyed the poem."
13. Shining Examples - To Us All
"Thanks for the rewrite -- it's perfect!"
14. Hello, My Knight - Renaissance Marriage
"She spoke them to me straight from her Soul."
15. The Miracle Child - Thanks Doc
"Thank you so much for this, you truly put my words together."
16. Perfect Moments - Spent With You
"I've seen a number of the poems on your site... and it's easy to tell that you put a lot of effort into all your poems"
17. Philly's Shoe, Missing You - A soldier at war, a wife at home
"Wow! It is perfect, I love it"
18. Perfect Rhyme - and I give you my soul, my everything...
"Wanted to tell you thank you and give you a real big hug for the poem you wrote me you are the greatest of all. That poem was the talk of all talks at my wedding to let you know. It really touched everyone's hearts."
19. Dance Then - Wherever You May Be
I read "Dance Then" with tear...it's so great,beautiful spirit and healthy strong mind as my age. What ever you like to do with this poetry please do. I don't mine appear my name.I feel honored.

Thanks again,
Your unique thoughts and feelings meaningfully wrapped within
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